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Wanton weather (cat envy)

Posted 8/11/2014 6:05pm by Shiloh Avery.




I call this wanton weather. Not to be confused with wonton weather, although a nice dumpling soup does sort of hit the spot during weather like this, doesn’t it. Wanton weather makes me think about the weather. I know I’m a farmer and I’m supposed to be thinking about the weather, but this weather makes me really think. Like worry and fret kind of think.

We watch helplessly as disease rushes through crops in this ideal environment. We roll our eyes as trellises that we so painstakingly built topple over in the soggy ground. We nearly fall over while our feet are stuck in the mud. We find all the leaks in our rubber boots as we truck through standing water. And we wait. And we wait. And we wait for heat loving summer crops to ripen.

No, this is not the kind of weather that makes me love being a farmer. It’s the kind of weather that makes me wish I were a cat. I mean, look at them, all nonchalantly stretched out in their favorite sofa. All “no thanks, don’t think I’ll go out today. I’ll just sit around here in this warm and dry sofa until my soggy human comes to feed and pet me.”


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