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Water Slide

Posted 7/5/2010 7:51pm by Shiloh Avery.

Shiloh in winter squash field
Shiloh in a sea of squash

Before last week summer had set in too early.  Just as the birds’ migration patterns are timed perfectly for the peak of key food sources,  we time the end of our crazy franticness with the arrival of the extreme heat.  As we gloat in the mowing of those giant spring weeds in the spent fields, the sun burns through a cicada serenade until you feel like a desert.  With less fields in production, less diversity of crops to care for and to harvest, the pace slows, the list ceases to grow in magnitudes unfathomable to human kind, and we ease into a longer lived summer routine.  No giant projects allowed.  But this year, the early onset of heat threw us for a loop.  The timing was off.  We hadn’t even taken all those spring fields out of production!  We were still frantic and crazy: ill-equipped to handle that sort of heat.  But last week sanity descended upon us like a long awaited sleep in the form of the most perfect weather anyone could ask for.  It was a much needed re-organization of perspective as we slide into summer at the appropriate time, and on a more seasonally appropriate water slide.  Insert large sigh of relief here as we head, hats on, sunscreened noses, back into the heat.



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