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When management pays off

Posted 5/13/2014 8:06pm by Shiloh Avery.

I know this is a terrible picture (I refused to get off the tractor to take it), but here is a plant blooming in the creek bank!


Do you ever wonder just what “management” means? Me too. I find myself waxing poetic about managing the whole farm system organically, but sometimes management just seems like a buzz word for scrambling around like a desperate herd of prey in the heat of the predator’s chase. For the last couple of years I have vowed to “be more present” as a manager. With 50 different crop types and 170 different varieties of those crops, being “more present” sometimes seems like a buzz word for not sleeping. But sometimes it pays off.   Like this year.

I was mowing this past Sunday and I noticed a plant blooming in the creek bank that I’m sure is one of the 170 native wetland plants we planted there a couple of years ago. Perhaps providentially because my neighbor recently informed us that he lost all of his honeybee hives this past winter. So our native pollinators can take over because we’ve been working on providing them habitat and food as part of the whole farm system organic management. Yea!  

I’m not saying that if you ask me in the moment what “management” means that I’ll give you a sane answer. But there are times when I get a chance to see more concrete examples of said management. And those times reaffirm my commitment to organic management.  



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