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Who is this guy?

Posted 4/19/2009 4:12pm by Shiloh Avery.

radishes growing in the field

radishes growing in the field like they're supposed to

Let me preface this by saying that one:  I’m pretty sure I don’t “believe” in astrology as any more than entertainment and two: that I don’t usually admit to you all that I ever feel anything but positively perky about my profession:)  That being said, I have to tell you first about how Jason came to work for the wonderful organization that he currently works for.  We had just moved to North Carolina from Madagascar.  We were young, came here with everything we own packed into a Pontiac Grand Prix (and had room for more passengers), and had very little money.  Classic modern vagabond returned Peace Corps volunteers.  We camped in a tent (the camper seems like an upgrade!) while we looked for an apartment to rent and for employment.  At some point, I had three jobs, plus I was completing some hours on a farm for a class I was taking.  Jason could not even land a low skill job and was becoming increasingly frustrated.  One day, he opened up his Free Will astrology horoscope in the weekly Independent (a fine publication if you’re in the triangle area of NC), which was usually more vague and universal but this week it said, “now would be a good time to work in a fast food restaurant.”  Well, there was only one fast food restaurant in Pittsboro so he went there and got a job.  The farmer I was working for was incredibly impressed by the fact that he was willing to work in a fast food restaurant (being educated, experienced, and not a teenager I suppose).  As it turns out, said farmer was also on the review board for the Tobacco Communities Reinvestment project at RAFI-USA and they happened to be looking for a new project director.  Jason was both informed of and recommended for the position (of which he was quite qualified for, I might mention as an aside, but we didn’t even know about the open position) by my farmer boss and the rest is history.  We still say that Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology is at least in part responsible for Jason’s employment.

So….(here’ where preface number 2 comes in) the other day I found myself in a bit of a state of frustration and doubt.  It’s the radishes’ fault.  No really! Normally, radishes are incredibly easy to grow.  Mostly because they germinate in just a few days and grow really fast.  But I had looked at my first planting of radishes (and spinach, which is not easy to grow by any stretch of the imagination) and the germination was poor, barely even a crop.  Radishes!  I’m in trouble if I can’t grow radishes!  What can I grow if I can’t grow radishes?!!  Well, you get the idea of the state of self doubt and frustration (and probably a bit of panic) that I found myself in.  It was in this state that Jason tried to tell me that I was a good farmer, and that it will be fine, just because one planting of radishes  (and spinach!) didn’t look so hot didn’t mean that subsequent plantings of everything wouldn’t be just beautiful….(etc. etc.)  But for some reason, he wasn’t quite able to lift me out of my “I’m a failure” desolation.  (I should mention here, that I am writing this with a hint of laughter at my own distress because, as it turns out, subsequent plantings of everything are beautiful—it was just the abnormally cool soil temperatures that caused our early germination woes).  At some point during his attempts though, he got on line and looked up Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology and found this was my horoscope for that week:

 I once had a girlfriend who was tormented by her demons. As brilliant an artist as she was, as much good as she did in the world, she couldn't get those jerks to stop whispering curses like "You're a fraud" and "You'll never make any money from doing what you're good at" and "No one will ever love you for who you really are." I did my best to silence the voices that plagued her. I tried to sing them to sleep or scare them away or make her feel so well-loved they'd die of malnourishment. But nothing worked, and she and I eventually broke up because of those demons. Since then I've worked hard to improve my skills as an exorcist. As much as I'm inclined to use those skills to help you chase away the pests that are bugging you, however, that's not necessary. You now have the power to perform a dramatic do-it-yourself banishing. So get to work!

Who is this guy?  Since I quoted him here, I should at least provide the link to his website: http://www.freewillastrology.com/ .

In other news, we finished our last major farm construction project this weekend, check out the building projects slide show to see more construction pictures of our walk in cooler! Here's the finished product:

finished walk in cooler


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