Harvest Share and Corporate Wellness

How can a TSF harvest share program be part of your Corporate Wellness Program?

It’s amazing to learn that 55% of workers identified a workplace wellness program as an instrument in improving their overall well-being. In fact it equates to $250 million in savings in lowered health costs and a 50% reduction in high blood pressure among employees.

-Dr. Roger Sahoury, author of Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health & Wealth in an interview with Forbes contributor Kevin Harrington


The financial and cultural benefits of Corporate Wellness programs are well documented in this Harvard Business Review article.


Benefits to Employers:

  • Employers see lessened stress, elevated moods, and reduced risk of heart disease in their employees who eat healthy foods and have an active lifestyle.
  • Happy, Healthy, Well-networked employees because they can chat and share recipes
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower medical claims (see this Kentucky workplace CSA study for documented impacts)
  • Fewer work absences
  • Cohesive departments/cost centers when multiple employees join the farm share program (hosting department potlucks, sharing recipes, etc.
  • Connection to the local community

Additionally, food wellness initiatives are relatively low-cost and easy to implement. Employees say that making healthy food choices are much easier for them when we deliver right to their workplace.

Is healthy eating a part of your corporate wellness program? Tumbling Shoals Farm can help with convenient deliveries of farm fresh veggies to your workplace.

How does a harvest share encourage healthy eating? It's an investment in health: with a fridge already full of fresh organic fruits and veggies, it becomes convenient and easy to increase one's fruit and vegetable consumption.  It's making an investment in your health! You can check out the details of the program here.

Companies can encourage their employees to participate in this healthy eating program with payroll deductions or discounts on health insurance premiums, or just by providing a space for convenient pick up of their veggies. Please contact us if you have questions or if your company is interested in a partnership with Tumbling Shoals Farm for your Corporate Wellness program!


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