Questions to ask yourself when considering a Harvest Share

Harvest Share

Questions to ask yourself when considering a Harvest Share:

1. Do you like vegetables? You are going to get a ½ to ¾ bushel box of vegetables each week.  If you like your veggies, then great!

2. Do you like to cook vegetables? Salad ingredients show up weekly, but we also grow a lot of cooking vegetables such as greens, potatoes, beans, okra, and beets. If you like to prepare meals at home, you'll appreciate the variety and freshness of the cooking vegetables in your share.

3. Would you like to feel a little closer to nature's cycles? CSA members experience the seasonal flow of the harvest; lettuce in May, tomatoes in July, peppers in August, etc. Depending on the weather, some crops will ebb, others may abound. Your share box will reflect the season, the weather, and your farmer's "best shot" at handling the unexpected challenges that inevitably occur during the growing season.

4. Would you like to support local agriculture? The Harvest Share model helps the farmer by providing material support early in the growing season when there are many expenses but little income. Membership also represents a vote of confidence for the farmer and strengthens local agriculture through the increased awareness that members gain. Harvest Share members form a community of support that encourages and stimulates local growers to learn and improve. Would you like to be part of this community of support?

Is this you?  Great! Sign up here.

Thanks to Frog Holler Farm in Brooklyn, MI for these questions!


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