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Romanian Eggplant Spread


5-6 eggplants

1 med onion


vegetable oil

The eggplant is roasted on the grill at 375 degrees for 2 hours.  At each 30 min, twist them on a part that hasn't been baked yet.  After is done, will let them cool on a plate. After, will scrub with a a spoon the eggplant and trash the body. Will let the eggplant strain for the juice overnight and refrigerate. Next day, chop the eggplant with the handle of a wooden spoon until it gets like a cream (you can use your kitchen robot if you have one). Repeat the process with all the eggplant and add it in a bowl with the onion.  When you're done, add salt and oil (as much as you need for it to be salty and greasy/fat) and mix it with a wooden spoon. Keep it refrigerated and you can serve it with chips, crackers, cheese or tomato. Bon Apetite'!!

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