Oven-roasted radicchio
You can cook most chicories this way, but Treviso (the one shaped like romaine lettuce) is especially suited to this method.

Pasta with Golden Fennel
from Local Flavors by Deborah Madison
Products (Garlic, Fennel)

Potato and Ramp soup
Use leeks to make this tasty potato soup, if you don't have wild leeks or seasonal ramps. Ingredients: 4 to 6 slices bacon 4 cups chopped ramps (including green) 4 to 5 cups diced red potatoes 3 tablespoons flour 4 cups chicken broth 1 cup
Products (Leek, Potato)

Rutabaga and Potato Puree
1/2 lb potatoes1 1/2 lb rutabagas or mixed rutabagas and turnipssea salt and freshly ground pepperunsalted butterfreshly grated nutmeg1 TBS chopped parsley and/or snipped chives 1. Peel the potatoes and rutabagas, then chop them into chunks, mak

Braised Root Vegetables with Black Lentils and red wine sauce with rutabaga potato puree
Deborah Madison herself says this is for when you want to "fuss a bit" or dazzle some winter guests.  I so enjoyed making this and eating this after our northern holidays in the winter that I had to put it up here.  I  made t

Stuffed baked summer squash
Makes 4 servings    4 summer squash                                 &n
Products (Summer Squash)

Spinach or chard with chickpeas
Makes 6 servingsThis is a tapas recipe.  In Spain, it is spooned onto small rounds of fresh or lightly toasted bread, but it makes a fantastic main course when served with rice!I also substitute small swiss chard for the spinach for a more earth
Products (Spinach, Oregano, Thyme, Chard)

Crookneck custard casserole
Makes 4 servings    8-10 medium crookneck summer squash, trimmed and sliced into 1/2 inch rounds (about 2 pounds)    2 large eggs, lightly beaten            &nb
Products (Onion, Summer Squash)

Chow mein
Makes 4 servingsAll the veggies in this dish are, though delicious, optional, use whatever is in season.  I like to use bok choy in this delightful spring meal.  The meat is also optional and mushrooms are a great substitute for vegetarians

Mom's vegetable soup
Makes 6 servings    2 1/2-3 pounds beef chuck roast                              &nbs
Products (Onion, Cabbage, Carrot, Celery)

Makes 4 servingsI usually substitute green beans for peas, and if tomatoes are here, I use fresh ones and skip the carrots (they're not usually around at the same time here in North Carolina).  If I don't have tomatoes yet, I'lluse canned and th

Blooming orange gazpacho
Makes 4 servingsWe developed this recipe specifically for the tangy flavor of the Orange Blossom tomato (but any tomato will work fine-I'd try this with the Azoychka too) which produce an abundance all at one time--perfect for making a big meal witho

Beef and dark beer chili
Makes 11 servingsI use fresh tomatoes since they're still around during pepper season when I make this dish.    1 1/2 tablespoons ground cumin               &nb

Baba ganouj
Makes 4 servingsThis popular Mediterranean dip is generally served with pita bread or crostini, but can also be a main course served with pasta.    2 small eggplant            
Products (Eggplant)

Arugula lover's pesto
Makes 4 servingsThis is great as a base for homemade pizza, or a calzone stuffing.    1 cup chopped arugula                     &n

Whole wheat linguine with cauliflower, pancetta, and parmesan shavings
Makes 4 servings    1 cup coarse bread crumbs (from 2 slices firm sandwhich bread)      1/4 teaspoon salt                  &n
Products (Cauliflower)

Strawberry and goat cheese green salad with Kentucky salad dressing
Makes 4 servingsThe recipe is really just for the dressing, which goes over a green salad (preferably arugula, but spinach is wonderful too!) topped with sliced or quartered fresh strawberries and crumbled goat cheese (from Ripshin Farm!)  

Seared steak salad with edamame and cilantro
Makes 2 servingsI leave out the bell peppers since they're not in season with the rest of these spring goodies.  Mix in whatever you have around.    8 ounces top beef round steaks, 3/4-inch thick, trimmed of fat    

Pear, arugula and pancetta salad
Makes 4 servings    1 tablespoon champagne vinegar                               
Products (Greens: Arugula, Pears)

Parmesan cauliflower and parsley salad
Makes 4 servings    1 teaspoon finely grated fresh lemon zest                           2 tablespoons fresh le

Mom's potato salad
Makes 6 servingsThis is one of the few things from my childhood for which there is no equivalent.  After years of trying many different recipes, I finally asked my mom for hers.  This classic mustard based potato salad is a staple of my sum
Products (Onion, Potato)

Arugula salad with olives, pancetta, and parmesan shavings
Makes 2 servings    6 slices (thin) pancetta                                
Products (Greens: Arugula)

Balkan Cucumber Salad
Makes 4 servingsEvery year I wait anxiously for the cucumbers to be ready so I can make this refreshing and easy to make salad.  It's the perfect food for the beginning of the hot weather!    1/4 cup very thinly sliced red onions&

Soba noodles with carrot and zucchini
Makes 4 servingsThis can be a main dish or a side salad.    3-4 tablespoons fresh lime juice                        
Products (Zucchini, Carrot)

Fettucine with sausage and kale
Makes 4 servingsA quick hearty Italian dinner.  I prefer to use whole wheat spaghetti, but the fettucine is great too!    3 tablespoons olive oil              &
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