Building projects

Sometimes we stop farming to build stuff.  It's always an adventure here on Tumbling Shoals Farm!

Finishing the officeNearly finished officejason greenhouse addition1Shoveling gravel into the greenhouse additiontamping gravel for new walk in coolerre building fencethe cooler "before"tamping gravel for new walk in cooler foundationErecting the "new" walk in coolerwalk in cooler constructionevery assembly project needs a sledge hammer!The finished walk in cooler!The beginningTake one (definately NOT the way to do it!)Halfway therePut that belly into it!"finished"!Shiloh drilling top purlin with hawks prowling the skies behindShiloh on improvised ladder extensionHeld together with duct tapeAll paws on deck!About to put the plastic onuse #101 for tennis balls (who knew?)A game of twister?Woot! There it is!Jason and Lee building the third employee "pod"Jason and Lee building the 3rd employee "pod"The finished cabinBuilding the third cabinBuilding the third cabinWe've got electricity in our "shop" finally!!We've got electricity in our "shop" finally!!!Lee and Jason building the third employee cabine


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