The tomato umbrella project

The latest project at Tumbling Shoals Farm is putting up an umbrella over our entire tomato field

bending hoops 6Bending hoops 1Bending hoops 2Bending hoops 3bending hoops 4bending hoops 5David tightening the rope with the fancy rock climbing toolBrooke bracing the structureBrooke bracing the structureDavid bracing the structureDavid pulling the plastic over the sidesDavid roping "skinned" bayinstructions, schminstructions...dragging the pieces of plastic to the structureDrilling legsVery soggy people pushing the plastic into the YPushing the plastic into the YThe hoop bending machine all packed uppushing the plastic to the top of the bayJason and David putting up hoops by themselvesJason on top of the world with plasticroping the "skinned" baysthe legs all drilled inPushing the plastic to the top of the baythe first "skinned" bayputting up hoopsShiloh and Brooke bracing the structureShiloh with the drilling toolsoggy people feeding plastic into the Ythe drilling tool, courtesy of Peregrine Farmthe structure is up!the finished umbrella front viewThe finished umbrella with cover from on top of the hillNewly planted tomatoes under their umbrella!Erecting the haygrove tomato umbrellaFastening the end of the haygrove plasticEmily pinning plastic on the haygrove tomato umbrelladisassembling the haygrove tomato umbrella"Skinning" the tomato umbrella"Skinning" the tomato umbrella"Skinning" the tomato umbrellaBracing the haygroveRaising the plastic for the tomato umbrella


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