Who's your farmer?

The faces behind your food!
Shiloh Avery (President, boss, chef, big cheese, chief, head honcho, director, top dog (webmaster))

I'm in charge! (or I manage the website, so I get to say whatever I want here). My mundane super power: picking the perfect size container for the leftovers. My memoir title: Prosecco on the Porch.

Jason Roehrig (He's pretty important too)

Jason bunches chard.  Oh, okay, he does everything else too. Jason's mundane super hero power is really fast addition and subtraction in his head.  His memoir title is Picking Tomorrow's Okra Today.

Mallory H (Head of Farmily, farm super hero)

Mallory is our intrepid leader and landscape fabric czar and possesses the most delightful laugh. There is no way this farm would succeed without her. Her mundane super power: remembering where other people left things.

Kelsey C (Assistant grower, Charlotte farm rep, prop house grower)

Kelsey is our entire Charlotte market team, our lead prop house grower, our row cover czar, and fastest tomato trelliser in the west! Her mundane super power: remembering that obscure thing you once said in passing conversation.

Ethan B (Paperpot planter, volunteer, lead punster)

Ethan, the "Scallion Stallion" is our paperpot planter and tomato pollinator and volunteers for everything, even the nastiest jobs (we'll never forget the rotten deer Ethan!)  His mundane super power: punning!

Amy C (Happy Hour Snack Czar)

Amy was the best thing to come from the Covid mess of 2020. A chef taking a break from the restaurant industry, she's a whiz with the farm veggies and feeds us on many a Friday. She fit right in at the farm as if this is always what she's done! Mudane super power: counting chard bunches.


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