Who's your farmer?

The faces behind your food!
Shiloh Avery (President, boss, chef, big cheese, chief, head honcho, director, top dog (webmaster))

I'm in charge! (or I manage the website so I get to say whatever I want here). I have no mundane super hero powers.  My memoir title is Prosecco on the Porch.

Jason Roehrig (He is pretty important too)

Jason bunches chard.  Oh, okay, he does everything else too. Jason's mundane super hero power is really fast addition and subtraction in his head.  His memoir title is Picking Tomorrow's Okra Today.

Kyle G (Farm Superhero)

Kyle comes to us from a Christmas tree farm in Ashe County. You won't see him without his dog, Bailey, tagging along somewhere nearby.  He gets very excited about new equipment.  When he's not farming, he loves to mow (seriously!) and play pickleball.  His mundane superpower is guesstimation. Kyle's memoir title is You'll Have That.

Sage B (Farm Superhero)

Sage flew in from Portland.  He's actually from there, or close to there.  He's here checking out the south while he contemplates farming as a career choice.  His mundane super power is subtlety. While not farming, Sage enjoys a good beer, playing pickleball, and touring other farms. His memoir title is It wasn't as good as one hoped, but it was as good as one had the right to expect. Hey, he's got a philosophy degree, long titles come with the territory!

Deighton G (Farm Super Hero)

Deighton hails from Kentucky/Tennessee.  She plays guitar and has a killer voice.  You'll often hear her and Trey harmonizing out in the fields.  If she were to do a TED talk, it would be about why you should watch cartoons no matter how old you get.  We're just getting to know Deighton and haven't determined her mundane super power yet, and she's, um, still working on her memoirs.

Trey H (Farm Super Hero)

Trey is from, well, New England and Colorado.  But he comes to us from Bowling Green, KY, where he, too (like Shiloh), was lured in by the Western Kentucky University photojournalism program.  He's the resident joke man.  He plays banjo.  His mundane super power is keeping on the sunny side.  And we're still working on his memoir title.

Kelsey F (Farm Super Hero)

Kelsey is a native Arkansan, but came to us from Augusta, GA.  She's a pickleball natural and the only one who figured out the bizarre scoring on her own.  Her mundane super power is remaining outwardly calm in stressful situations.


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