Working at Tumbling Shoals Farm


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Working at Tumbling Shoals Farm

Working at Tumbling Shoals Farm is both rewarding and challenging.  You can expect hard days in the field in the heat, rain and sometimes cold, repetitive tasks, getting dirty, lots of bending over, sore muscles, sore back (did I mention lots of bending over? ), working together as a team, education through experience, and eating lots of tasty fresh from the field organic produce.

Tumbling Shoals Farm is very diverse so the tasks vary greatly.  Your main farm task is harvesting and all the washing, grading, weighing and packing that goes along with preparing to sell our produce at three farmers markets and through a CSA.  You will also do some planting, transplanting, mulching, cultivation, thinning, pruning, trellising, etc.  Helping sell at the Saturday Watauga County Farmers' Market in Boone every few weeks or so is perhaps the most rewarding part of the work. Employees will participate in all aspects of farm management.  You will be able to run the farm without us when you return from your paid vacation in August.

The main benefits of working at Tumbling Shoals Farm are: it’s a paid position (new employees begin at $10 per hour, 40 hours per week, raises given based on performance-both the farm and yours) plus free on-farm housing (or a gas stipend for commuters), a paid vacation in July or August, working outside, learning through experience how food is grown and how a farm system works.  Also, as  much fresh organic produce as you can eat!

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Our needs from you:

Team player: a small farm can be an intense working environment and we work together as a well-knit team, so coming in with a team attitude goes a long way

Flexibility-We are a small team and so accommodating everyone's personality traits often requires a bit of personal flexibility.

Dependability-of course, we need to be able to rely on you to be here working hard when we need you.

Engagement-we need you to care as much as we do about the quality of food that we grow for our customers, this is key to our success. People who are interested in agriculture as a career are given first priority.

Motivation- while we usually work as a team, sometimes we need you to complete tasks alone.  Self motivated people are very valuable.

Communication- communication is the key to our success as a team.  We need you to be able to communicate effectively your needs just as we need you to understand our needs.  If we are not communicating effectively, we need you to be able to tell us that! Because we are a small farm with such a small work team sometimes working in harsh conditions, interpersonal communication is a must!

A valid driver's license- we will need you to make some produce deliveries during the season.


This is an hourly wage position.  All new employees begin at $10/hr. (Plus housing and veggies and a July or Aug vacation)

Hours and dates:

Farmhand positions begin in late March. Employees work 40 hours/week (5 days, 8 hours/day).  Days on/off vary as to whether you are working at farmers' market or not, but either you will have Sat-Sun off or Sun-Mon off.  All employees will have a paid vacation in July or Aug, which will be staggered (we'll work out the actual schedule once everyone is here).

If you are interested, please contact us (Shiloh or Jason).  Please send a resume (doesn't have to be formal--just something to let us know what you've been up to the last few years), a brief description of why you are interested in working at Tumbling Shoals Farm, and three work references. or 336-452-2920

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